Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator Review

If you’re searching for powerful and reliable propane generator, the Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator is ideal for your needs. The Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator delivers 5,500 watts of power to supply every essential appliance at home during power shortage. Don’t let your hundreds of dollar worth of food rotten and keeps your family safe from any danger.

Benefits Of Propane  

Propane tanks are safe to store. You can stockpile as many as you can with no deterioration and secure to transport without any fear of spillage

Propane doesn’t require a fuel stabilizer that saves you money

Propane are commonly used in every household for cooking such as grills which is readily available when disaster comes

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Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency should be the main factor in choosing the best portable generator, right? The Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator is specifically design for this so that you can enjoy more quality time for your love ones during camping or power shortage.

20 or 30 Pound Tank? A 20-pound tank can last up to 6-hours of run time with half load capacity. If you need to buy more time a 30-pound tank can last 8.7 hours of continuous usage provided with half load. Consumer should be aware the fact that propane tank is not included on the package. However, you can buy it at lower price and available in most local store.

Powerful Engine

To deliver the 5,500 watts of power it runs with Powerful 420cc Powermate OHV Engine that delivers reliable source in any given situation. If you don’t want to sweat an electric start feature gives you an instant start using a simple turn of a key. If the battery is low you can always use the traditional recoil start.


The Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator features an excellent panel design that makes it simpler for you to operate. I guess no one wants a complicated panel to use during emergencies. It includes two 120v 5-30R duplex to accommodate all your regular home appliances. In additional to that is 120v/240v L14-30R receptacle for power tools to finish your project.

Easy To Transport

The never flat wheel makes it easier for you to transport anywhere you want it where power is an immediate requirement. Roll the Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator everywhere even at rough surface without worrying of being flat tire. The push cart handle not only added to its great looking design but it makes simpler for you to move around with the generator.

More Features Ahead

The Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator is packed with features for your convenient of usage and safety protection to keep your valuable appliances harmless. Starting from the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), it stabilizes the voltage output so that all your equipments are protected from voltage surge.

The Low oil shutdown protects the engine from overheating due to insufficient oil supply. It automatically shut down the generator to prevent it from damaging. All outlets are covered so that it protects you from any possible accident and defend it against bad weather condition.

To keep track of the ideal voltage, frequency and the engine run time for scheduled maintenance the Digital Multi Meter works great for these applications. Your appliances are protected through the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator). It creates a steady output voltage so that it stays secure from possible voltage surge.

For environmental protection, it provides cover to every outlet so that it keeps safe from any debris and corrosion for longer period of time. The package also provides a tool kit for quick repair and maintenance. It incorporates an extra oil and battery for you to start using it in no time.

Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator Review

The Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator Review is written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world. It receives an outstanding review of 4.5/5 stars at Amazon.com that proves it great performance. Here are some helpful reviews.

“I am amazed at this machine! It is simple yet convenient. The adjustment from fossil fuel to propane is just evolution. This is a time when everyone needs to put on their thinking caps.”

“I am just disappointed that the battery that came with it was damaged and I am still waiting for its replacement. Though, it will work without it.” >>Click Here to read more reviews.


The Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator Review gives you some of the best of the generator’s insight that may help you decide if it’s the right one for you. Feature wise, the Powermate PM0135500 Propane Generator provides the best there to keep your appliance safe and fuel efficiency. This generator performs well just what the customer says to their reviews. The price it offers is very affordable for a 5,500 watts power capacity. >>Click Here to get it at its lowest price!

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