Powermate PM0601250 15,625 Watt Generator review

If you’re looking for a real power house you can depend on the Powermate PM0601250 15,625 Watt GeneratorWith 15,625 watts of maximum power rating it can handle the entire home appliances during calamity.

“The generator was put to test after delivery and started on its first turn of the key, it runs for 72 straight hours without incident, says one of the customer. Full power rated output from 50-Amp outlet and it powered my entire home with two furnaces with fans, two fridges including our landscape and security lighting.”

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The Powermate PM0601250 Generator review gives you an in depth insight of the generator’s key features and its actual performance in real world.

Powerful Engine

The Powermate PM0601250 Generator is made of powerful engine from Subaru EH65 V-Twin 22-Horse Power with 653cc. It is assembled in Italy and a Japanese design OHV engine that offers superb quality compare to any Chinese engine generators. This thing is Heavy-Duty made with commercial quality engine that delivers tremendous reliability.

Portable Design

The Powermate PM0601250 Generator features a pair of 13-inch diameter pneumatic wheels so that you can take it anywhere when power is needed. It includes a dual folding handle for you to easily move around and superb portability.

Excellent Panel

The Powermate PM0601250 Generator provides an excellent panel design that makes it simple to use. It includes the four 120-volts 20-Amp GFCI protected outlets for your regular home appliances, a 120V/240V 50-Amp outlet in case you need a higher voltage and 120-volts 30-Amp twistlock outlet for your power tools.

More Safety Features

Protecting your valuable appliances is significant that is why the Powermate PM0601250 Generator is equipped with safety features. There is a circuit breaker located on the panel that will automatically shut off the generator whenever an overload occurs.

The Low Oil Shutdown will cause the generator to turn off if ever there’s a shortage of oil supply to prevent it from overheating that may damage the engine. The fuel gauge will keep tracks on the generator’s gas supply to prevent it from unwanted stoppage. A full gas tank will last up to 6-hours of continuous running provided with half load capacity.

Powermate PM0601250 Generator Review

The Powermate PM0601250 Generator receives an excellent customer’s review of 4.6/5 star to prove how good it performs. The following statement is taken from customers who actually bought and use it in real world applications.

The unit was delivered as promised and assembling it is easy that took less than an hour, it started on the first turn of the key. It is very sturdy made with high quality paint finish and rides on 13-inch pneumatic tires that make it possible to wheel this heavy thing around. It came with a charge battery for electric start.

After reading with some reviews that complained about the noise, I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t noisier. It is quieter than my Kohler-powered riding lawn mower. I fully expect many years of service from this machine, says one of the reviewer.

We have a power outage and use the generator during severe thunderstorm, the unit kept the whole house without any problems. Compare to Briggs and Stratton with 10KW of continuous power but, more expensive with shorter warranty while the Powermate 12.5KW continuous power provides the best match for what I can produce and deliver to the house. All this shows up in 3-years warranty instead of 2-years like most brand provides.


The Powermate PM0601250 Generator delivers tremendous power that is capable to provide the entire house during power shortage. The unit is highly dependable and built tough to be useful for extended period of time. With this huge power capacity, it is surprisingly quieter than lawn mower.

The way it was built you can foretell its top quality from the engine, assembly, features and its flawless performance. Though, the only thing I wish it could have is the voltmeter on the panel. Overall, it was a terrific generator and highly recommended by most people who use it.

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