PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator Review

Looking for ultra light weight power source?

The PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator Review deserves a hard look. Its features and capability will surely meet your needs. It weighs only 12-pounds with physical dimension of 9 x 5.5 x 9.2 inch so that you can easily take it to any of your camping destination, boating, traveling or simply for your home backup for emergency purposes.

“very excellent product” Five Stars By SEVVEL on February 20, 2016

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What It Powers?

The PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator provides 5v DC USB output, 12v DC for battery charging and 120v AC for your regular home appliances. With its widest voltage output it can accommodate almost everything from Smart Phones, Laptops, iPad, Tablet, LED lights, HDTV and many more.

It is also great for your home appliances such as video recorder, DVD player, fan, lights and fridge can also accommodate. Furthermore, it is ideal for your office devices like PC, printer, display device, copying machine, fax machine and projector.

For your traveling applications it can power up your lights, microwave oven, cooker and many more. Lastly, for your entertainment purposes you can charge your mobile phone, PDA, e-reader, tablet, camera and GPS. As you can see, you can charge and plug almost everything safely including your sensitive devices. This is what it separates from the rest.

Charge From Many Source

The PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator can be easily powered from your AC wall outletDC car charger or solar charger. From AC wall with 120w it will took only 4-hours to fully charge. For DC car charger with 48w you’ll wait at least 8.5 hours while from solar charger with 120w in just 4-hours you’re good to go.

Durable Samsung Battery Cell

The PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator is built with Samsung lithium ion battery cell that gives you more advantage than other brand. It is durable, lighter, safer, longer life span, environmental friendly and highly portable than other competing brand.

More Advanced Features

The PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator brings more advanced features that make it dead simple to use. There’s an LED (Light Emitting Diode) that shows the generator’s remaining capacity. The charge indicates if it is in full charge status. The discharge designates its low power and the failure status signifies its breakdown.

PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator Review

The PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator Review receives an excellent appraisal of 5/5 stars at Amazon.com that proves its great performance. The following reviews are written by customers who bought and use it in real world application.


Wall charged the unit to full strength and then tested AC output with two 60 watt light bulbs (showed output of appx 105 watts). Battery lasted 2 1/2 hours, which is about right. (unit automatically shuts off when down to 10% level).


Recharged the unit using a Kingsolar 120W solar panel. Took 6 1/2 hours, but day was partly cloudy and February sun in Pennsylvania not terribly strong… max panel output was only about 80 watts.


Purchased in Feb 2016. Battery was delivered in 3 days. Excellent packaging.

Included In The Package

Unit arrived with four cables: AC wall charger (80 Watt output); solar charger cable (4 1/2′ long) with MC4 connectors to Anderson connectors; DC car charging cable (2 1/2′ long); and jump starter with alligator clip cable (1′ long).

Bottom Line

All in all, very happy with battery and accessories. Performing as advertised. Very light and easy to move about. No noise. Didn’t get hot. Screen easy to read. Fits nicely in 6 gal faraday container. Li-ion the way to go.


Wish they had a 600W version.

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The PowerOak PS5B 400wh Portable Solar Generator delivers excellent power solution in a very lightweight and compact package. With its highly portable designed you can easily take it anywhere when power is a immediate requirement. Performance and feature wise you can never go wrong with it as it is proven by customers who use it. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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