Pulsar PG1202S 1200 W Portable Generator Review

Looking for a cheap generator?

The Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator is probably the lowest price you can get. It provides 1,200 watts of peak power or 900 watts of effective power which is enough to run your important appliances during power shortage.

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Powerful Engine

The Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator is made of 72cc 2.2-HP single cylinder with 2-stroke air cooled engine for smooth operations. It delivers 1,200 watts of peak power that can run your lights, coffee maker and other electronics device for your camping needs.

Power Panel

The Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator provides an excellent power panel design for ease of usage. As simple as it gets with the two 120v outlets to accommodate all your regular home appliances. There’s also the 12v DC outlet to charge your batteries that includes the cable to save you from buying it separately. It can be activated by a single pull recoil start for painless operations.

Fuel Efficient

An exceptional fuel efficient engine is significant to every generator so that it runs for long hours with minimum gas supply. The Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator has the capacity of 1.1 gallons of fuel that can last for 9 hours provided with half load capacity. You can now enjoy more quality time with your family during camping.


An extremely loud generator is very disturbing; I guess no one wants to blow their ears in exchange of electricity. That would definitely not a problem with the Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator. Its operational noise level is rated only at 65dB which is quieter than any of its equivalent counterpart. Thanks to its intelligent Muffler design feature that makes it possible to minimize the noise.

Light And Portable

Carrying a generator that weights a ton isn’t fun during camping, right? Not with the Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator. It weights only 36-pound which is too light to carry by a single person and an additional carry handle on top of it makes it highly transportable.  


The Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator Review gets a perfect rating of 5/5 at Amazon that proves its outstanding performance. The unit features an overload protection that adds to its value. However, it came short with the Low oil shut Off protection and Automatic Voltage Regulator.

The unit is currently available at $151 that delivers 1,200 watts of peak power making it the cheapest out there. If you’re looking for the small power, light, portable, quiet and lowest price portable generator the Pulsar 1,200 Watt Portable Generator is definitely a good choice. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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