Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator Review

Looking for medium power and reliable generator without overspending?

The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator Review deserves a hard look. It is a heavy duty portable generator that provides reliable power for your home needs, camping ground and job site.

Raven is not new in the industry as they produce top quality back road vehicle, Raven MPV, lawn mower and now portable generator. The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator delivers 4,000 watts of surge power and 3,200 watts of rated power. This is more than sufficient to power your well pump, refrigerator, lights, TVs and other appliances during power outages.

“I have only had this generator for a couple of months so far, but it meets my expectations. Its power rating is accurate, and it starts immediately every time. This generator is a great deal for the performance and features you get.”

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Powerful Engine

The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator is built with powerful engine that can provide reliable power anytime and anywhere. It has 212cc engine with 4-stroke that delivers 4,000 watts of surge power and 3,200 watts effective power. This provides power to your important appliances to keep your family safe during disaster, for your camping needs and projects as well.  

Fuel Efficient

The generator’s fuel efficiency is vital in choosing the best portable generator. The generator is said to be fuel efficient if it runs for longer period of time with minimum fuel consumption.

How long it lasts?

Luckily, the Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator is design to work with excellent fuel efficiency. A single full tank of only 4-gallon of fuel can last for more than 10-hours provided with half load capacity while it runs for 7-hours with full load capacity.

Portable Design

Want to take it anywhere?

The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator is presented in a highly portable design so that you can take it anywhere when power is a necessity. It features a wheel kit that makes it perfect for tailgating and camping. The generator includes a foldable handles and combined with its lightweight design makes it super easy to move around.

More Safety Features

The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator comes with more safety features that make your appliances safe and the generator as well. To prevent it from overloading the non-fuse breaker automatically shut off the system whenever an overload arises. To prevent the generator’s engine from damaging due to overheating the Low oil system alert feature will take care of it.

Some helpful meter is included on the Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator. There’s a fuel gauge keeps you an eye for the fuel usage while the hour meter helps you track for the schedule maintenance.

Intelligent Panel Design

I guess no one wants to operate a complicated panel during emergency, right?

The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator is presented in an intelligent panel design that makes it dead simple to use.  Starting on the left side of the panel is the on/off switch followed by two 120v AC 20-Amp receptacles to accommodate your regular home appliances.

Beside it is the three prong receptacle with 120v AC 30-Amp for your RVs and power tools. In between the outlets are the two circuit breakers. The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator includes a 12v 8.3-Amp DC cigarette lighter receptacle that enables you to charge batteries.

Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator Review

The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator Review receives an excellent appraisal of 4.5/5 that proves its great performance. The following reviews are written by customers who bought and use it in real world applications.


Was simple to put handles, wheels and feet on. Really like some of the little things others don’t have. Like the outlet covers, covers on the on/off switch and reset buttons. Just seems well thought out and made


I have used it on several occasions at my house, and it is sufficient for running my well pump, refrigerator, lights, TV, and other necessities during power outages.

Pull Start

Its power rating is accurate, and it starts immediately every time.

I put oil in it (not supplied) and gas, turned the gas valve on and it started with the first pull.


It was boxed well and there are only 10 bolts you need to install for the wheels and handles.


It’s only about 100 lbs and small enough to put in the back of your small SUV.

Noise Level

After reading the reviews of some people talking about how loud they are I was more than pleasantly surprised at how quiet they are

It is quieter than I expected and you can easily use this generator for tailgating and camping. Just situate it about 25 feet from your conversation


It is pretty popular with RV’s to have 110 only. This Raven is built for that including having snap close covers on the outlets for more rugged use.


This generator is a great deal for the performance and features you get.

Definitely worth the money and its smaller and lighter (doesn’t take a lot of space in our garage) than other generators I have seen but has enough power for our needs so far. >>Click Here to read more customers’ review.


The Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator delivers excellent performance and proven by customers who already using it. Feature wise, it delivers more on the table such as its excellent fuel efficiency and portability. It is solidly built that will last for longer period of time. It offers more safety features that make your appliances safe and the generator. The rubber covers on the outlets provides added protection and rugged use. With so much goodness on the Raven GEN4000 Portable Generator the price it offer is surprisingly too low to pass on. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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