Looking for low power yet dependable generator?

The WEN 56180 1500 Watts Portable Generator Review is worth reading to discover its pros and cons.


Imagine a life in a dark where no one can help you in times of calamity. The WEN 56180 1500 Watts Portable Generator is highly dependable in any given situation.

Best For

The WEN 56180 1500 Watts Portable Generator is best for home backup and many useful applications such as for camping, finishing projects, covering sports events and many lot more.

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Powerful Engine

In times of disaster failure is not an option, right?

This Portable Generator is powered by a highly reliable 98cc Overhead Valve engine that delivers 1,800 watts of peak power and 1,500 watts of effective power.

This definitely saves you from any possible danger when power shortage strikes overtime.

What it powers?

With this kind of power it can run your microwave oven, sump pump, HDTV, computer, cooker, blender and fridge to prevent your hundreds of dollar worth of foods from rotting. It can run up to two power tools to finish your projects.

Solidly Built

This generator is built with solid steel frame that greatly adds to its durability to withstand any tough works. The air cooled engine design cools down the operational temperature for optimum performance.

Fuel Efficient

One of the main requirements in choosing the best portable generator is having superb fuel efficiency. The generator is consider as fuel efficient if uses less fuel for a long time.

Luckily, the WEN 56180 1500 Watts Portable Generator is design to deliver excellent fuel efficiency.

How long it lasts?

A single full tank of only 1.45 Gallon of fuel can last up to 7.5 hours of continuous running. That being said, you have more quality time to spend with your family during your leisure and feel safe in times of disaster even it last for several days.

Portable Design

Need to take it anywhere?

The WEN 56180 1500 Watts Portable Generator comes in a highly portable design so that you can easily take it anywhere if power is an immediate requirement.

With its compact blueprint it measures only 20 x 15 x 16 inches that can be easily fit on your car trunk. It weighs barely 57-pounds that can simply be carried by a single person using the two built-in handle.

EPA And CARB Compliant

This generator has passed the strict Californian Air Regulatory Board pertaining to a non pollutant air so that your family will be safe from any harmful fumes coming from the generator.

It also passed the EPA III requirement that makes it safe to use in all National Park because its noise level and its smoke is acceptable.

Simple Panel Design

I presume no one wants to operate a complicated panel at times of emergency, right?

The generator is presented in a dead simple panel design for fast access to anyone even without knowledge in electricity.

The WEN 56180 1500 Watts Portable Generator includes two 120vAC 12.5 Amp three prong wall outlets to accommodate all your regular home appliances.

It also provides a 12v DC cigarette lighter style outlet to charge your batteries. You can also notice the Engine switch on the left side and the green power indicator lamp on the upper right while the two circuit reset is located beside the 120v AC outlet.

More Features Ahead

Low Oil Sensor

To protect the generator from damaging due to overheat the Low Oil sensor automatically stops the engine whenever a low oil supply takes place.

Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker prevents the generator from overloading when the load power exceeds from its capacity. The breakers will automatically shutdown the system while you can easily restore its operation by simply pressing the Circuit Reset button.


The WEN 56180 1500 Watts Portable Generator shows an outstanding performance as it is proven by customers who already bought and owns it.

It is definitely your perfect companion in any leisure activities, job sites, tailgate and home backup for emergency purposes.

Feature wise, this portable generator brings more on the table such as portability, fuel efficient, CARB Compliant, Durable, simple panel design and highly dependable.

This generator is ideal for those who want a low power source to accommodate their basic appliances during power shortage. The price it offers is too low to pass on that totally adds to its value. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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