Westinghouse WGen12000 Review – What Makes It An Absolute Beast?

If you are craving for huge power generator for your home backup or working on a project, you may want to consider the biggest out there.

Definitely inverters are not a good option here though, it has more advantage. The fact that inverters provides lower wattage only. The clear choice here is the traditional open frame generator.

The number one contender for this category is the Westinghouse WGen12000 generator. This thing is an absolute “Beast” when it comes to producing huge power. However, Westinghouse call it not just a heavy-duty but, “Ultra-Duty”.

This is much powerful than its predecessor DuroMax XP12000E Beast that provides maximum power of only 12,000-watt and only 9,500-watt effective. The WGen12000 is now the new bigger BEAST.

Not only a beast in its power rating but also in its features, performance and reliability. I presume, you don’t want a huge generator with unreliable performance and a piece of junk, right? As you read on you’ll find out why the Westinghouse WGen12000 is an “absolute beast”.


Let’s take a look at the generator’s key feature to give you an idea what you can expect from it.

  • Delivers 15,000-watt of peak power and 12,000-watt effective
  • Durable 713cc V-Twin engine in a steel frame sleeve hence they called it Ultra-Duty designed
  • Provides safe and clean power at less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Which is safe for your delicate applainces
  • It continuously runs for 16-hours at 10.5 gallon of fuel with 50% load
  • Easy and quick start using push button or remote control through a key fob
  • VFT Data center display for Voltage, Frequency and Run Time
  • Comes with two transfer switch receptacle with L4-50R 50A and 14-30R 30A for direct home wiring
  • EPA, CSA and CARB compliant for you to use it anywhere safely
  • Minimal assembly is required out of the box that includes manual, oil, 12v battery charger, oil funnel and set of tools
  • It features a rubber cover on all outlets for added safety and protection
  • Provides two sets of 120v AC GCFI outlets for your extra home appliances plug ins
  • Two USB ports to charge your phones and other gadgets
  • It generously giving a 3-year warranty for your protection of purchase

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What It Powers?

The WGen12000 is powered by 713cc Westinghouse V-Twin air cooled engine. It delivers 15,000-watt of starting power and 12,000-watt of effective.

That being said, it can run everything you want to throw in it at your home. At job sites, you connect multiple power tools to run at the same time.

You can power all your big boys at home from fridge, air condition, microwave, pump, HDTV, multiple lights, even computers, laptop, phones and many more. Yes, you read it right, it includes your sensitive gadgets and we’ll discuss more about it later.

Ease Of Use

If you think that operating this kind of huge generator is hard, well it is not. The panel is laid in a very simple presentation for easy operation.

This includes a pair of 120v GFCI 5-20R regular home AC outlets in duplex. An L14-30 30A Receptacle, L4-50R 50A Receptacle and 14-50R 120/240V 50A receptacles.

Westinghouse WGen12000 Generator Panel

Starting this ultra-duty beast makes it super easy for you. It features a push button electric start and a remote start by means of a key fob for your convenience. It enables you to start this generator at a distance up to 109-yards away from the unit.

It a good thing to know that you can now start or stop the generator while you’re lying from the comfort of your bed. This generator features a remote start and stop in the form of key fob. You can also start the generator using a push button located on the front panel while operating it.

It is very rare to have a huge generator which is a CARB compliant. Mostly high power generators are non CARB compliant due to its bulky engine that results in vast emission of smoke. To my surprise, this generator is an exception as it produces clean fumes that doesn’t harm your family.

Therefore, it can be ship and use in California to enjoy its benefits. Not only that, the WGen12000 is a CSA and EPA compliant that doesn’t produce too much noise for freely usage in any National park.

Built And Portability

The Westinghouse WGen12000 is built with top grade materials to withstand your toughest power requirements. Made from hardened steel frame body construction with Ultra-Duty engineered for maximum strength.

Though, this thing weighs heavy it features a pair of wheel kit that makes it easy to roll in all kinds of terrain. The addition of mags adds to its nice looks and durability as well. To provide you with total portability it comes with a pull-up handles for easy maneuver and move around.

Easy Maintenance And Safe To Your Appliances

To keep your generator in good shape for a long time you need to properly maintain it. This includes changing the engine oil periodically. With its hour time used feature which is included in the VFT display you can easily schedule it.

The VFT Data Center consists of voltage, Frequency and Time used as I stated earlier. The voltage display ensures the ideal output power. Running your appliances under or over voltage can possibly harm it. Therefore, it is always a good thing to know the right voltage for your appliances safety. This works the same as the output frequency which you can also verify here.

Some of the WGen12000 safety features are the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to keep a steady output voltage. While the Automatic Low Oil Shutdown feature prevents the generator’s motor from overheating due to deficient oil supply.

The Smart Idle Control let you save fuel when the generator is not in use while running. For extra safety of your appliances there is an Overload Protection in the form of Circuit Breaker. It will automatically cut off the power whenever it senses an overload or short circuited.

You can safely use it with your sensitive appliances and gadgets such as HDTV, computers, charging phones, laptops, cameras and many more without harming it. Westinghouse claims a less than 5% (THD) Total Harmonic Distortion on this generator which is almost the same as your regular home AC outlets.

The addition rubber cover on the outlets is worth mentioning here. This safety feature prevents you from accidental touching the unused live terminals of the outlets while the generator is running. This is ideal if you have children at home. Its terminal is also protected from possible corrosion that leads to loose contact.

Fuel Consumption And Run Time

The WGen12000 comes with huge tank that can be filled with 10.5 gallon of fuel which is equivalent to 42 liters. Having a large fuel tank gives you advantage that provides you with longer run time without frequently filling it. This will save you from trouble during power outage in which you need to go out and buy fuel to refill it.

If you fill this generator with fuel at full tank it will lasts up to 16-hours of run time provided with 50% load on it. This will take you even longer if your load is less than 50%. Otherwise, if you put more than that it may shorten its run time.

The generator also features a Fuel Gauge so that you can check the remaining fuel to continuously run it without stopping. It lets you fill the tank before it runs out of fuel and eliminate the guessing game.

Setting Up And What’s Included

Setting up the WGen12000 is very straightforward with minimal assembly is needed. As the customers says it was fast and easy to put together. The steps in manual are very easy to understand from removing the package up to starting it up it is all flawless.

The unit was delivered in excellent packaging and well protected together with the complete parts. All you need is provided in the box from unpacking, assembling, running and maintenance. This includes the easy to read manual, engine oil, 12v battery charger, oil funnel and a set of tools.

The generator comes with a three-year warranty and lifetime support for protection of purchase.


The WGen12000 generator’s performance is being proven by customers who already using it. At Westinghouse site it earns an outstanding review of 4.8 out of 5 stars.


  • Customers are very pleased with their purchase due to its shipping and its 3-year warranty that other products don’t give
  • This unit is built of an excellent quality no part in it is flimsy made
  • The product delivers 100 percent of my expectation, assembling it is well designed to make it simple, fast and less effort
  • Considering a 12000-watt generator it is quieter compare to my previous 4000-watt generator
  • It provides huge power and very simple to operate
  • We use it for several days during power shortage and easily provide everything we need. We also tested it many times during summer and it works flawlessly
  • This is the biggest wattage rating generator I could ever find to accommodate everything at my home when the power is gone. There are bigger than this but it’s not portable and more expensive. This is definitely a way to go.
  • It’s larger wheels and longer handles makes it easier for me to move around and position the generator
  • The remote and push button start makes it super easy to operate for my wife when I’m not around
  • The transfer switch ready outlet is very handy for me to easily connect it to my home transmission box
  • The generator’s price it offers and the power it provides is unbeatable plus the 3-year warranty it includes
  • This is the largest generator I can get with CARB compliance which is good for Californian residence and for our health


  • Some customer found it loud and hoping it would have a choice to install a muffler to reduce the noise. Though, this is the case for a huge generator like this one
  • It is Chinese made
  • It’s heavy for a female but the wheels and handle feature makes it easier to move
  • Moving it out from the generator’s pallet was difficult


The Westinghouse WGen12000 is an ideal choice for your home backup, emergency and job-site. Its performance is proven by customers who already owned it and highly recommended by them.

Its huge power rating at 12,000-watt effective is capable to run everything on your home. This makes it even easier for you with its Transfer switch ready outlet and the portability it brings.

This “Ultra-Duty” generator is pack with features which is hard to find in any of its competitor. This includes the VFT (Voltage, Frequency and Time) display, remote control start, CARB compliant, USB ports, safe for your sensitive appliances with its 5% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), extra-long handle and wider wheels for your total portability.

Though, it has few shortcomings as I stated above but, I can say that it is minimal and easy to deal with.

This generator is competitively priced considering its power capacity, functionality, performance and features. This makes it easier to pick and recommend than other brand. With all of that, this what makes the Westinghouse WGen12000 an “Absolute Beast”. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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