Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator Review

Looking for quiet, compact and reliable inverter generator?

The Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator Review deserves a hard look.

Reliable Power Anytime 

The Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator is super quiet that makes it ideal for camping while carrying it is easy due to its compact design. From camping, tailgating, job sites or home backup the Westinghouse WH2400i 2400-Watt Inverter Generator delivers reliable power anytime.

What It Powers?

It provides 2,400 watts of surge power and 2,100 watts of effective power that runs your important appliances during power shortage while keeping your family in times of disaster. It’s better to be ready than sorry.

“It started easily and is quiet and convenient to use. I’ve only had it for about a month and have had two power interruptions – good to have it available.” By John Pettit

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Advantages Of Inverters

Inverters are quieter than any other conventional generator out there. If you hate those noise this is definitely the right one for you.

They are lighter which is highly advisable in any recreational activities. It can carry by a single person while its compact design can be easily kept in your car trunk or even carry on your motorcycle.

The most promising benefit of inverters is having the cleanest AC voltage output. This will make your delicate appliances safe like computers and any electronic gadgets. As you read on you’ll discover more of these advantages.

Clean Power

If you truly value your precious appliances it deserves the cleanest power. The Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator provides the safest power output making your sensitive electronics laptop, computers and cell phones harmless all the time. Its AC wave output produces less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) which is almost equivalent to your regular home AC voltage outlet.

Highly Portable

Need to take it anywhere?

You can take it wherever you want where power is an immediate requirement. Why? The Westinghouse WH2400i 2400-Watt Inverter Generator is ultra light weighing only 43 pounds which is much lighter and smaller than any conventional generator.  In addition to that is its built-in handle on top of the unit for super easy to carry.

Dead Quiet

Hate the noise?

I guess no one wants to blow their ears in exchange of power, right? The Westinghouse WH2400i Inverter Generator is dead quiet during operation. In fact, it runs quieter than the average person speaks at 50% load. This makes it ideal for night use so that your fellow camper will never be disturbed.

Fuel Efficient

The generator is said to be fuel efficient if it uses less fuel for longer period of time. The Westinghouse WH2400i Inverter Generator is designed for excellent fuel efficiency.

How long it lasts?

A single full tank of only 1.3 gallon of fuel will lasts for 11-hours provided with half load capacity. As a result, it doesn’t matter if the power shortage will last for many hours you have the peace of mind for not staying in the dark.

Excellent Panel Design

I presume no one wants to operate a complicated panel during emergency, right?

The Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator comes in an excellent panel design so that anyone can operate it in no time. Starting on the left side, there are two 120v AC outlets to accommodate your regular home appliances. It follows with two USB ports to charge your electronic gadgets and phones.

The efficiency mode switch is also present on the panel. It automatically adjusts the generator’s motor speed to its equivalent power output when activated to further save on fuel. The red button below is the circuit breakers that will automatically shut off the system whenever a short circuit arise.

Below the USB port is the three LED indicators for low oil, overload alarm and output ready while the choke beside it in yellow color. On the right side of it is the 12v outlet, the pull cord starter and the engine shut off.

Double Your Power

Need more power?

If a 2,400 watts is not enough for you can double its power by connecting another Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator. By attaching it with special connector you can now have a total of 4,800 watts of peak power. However, the connector is sold separately at a very low cost.

Using the Westinghouse parallel cord connector is super easy. You don’t need bulky, complex junction boxes, or complicated wiring terminals just plug and play. It features a durable rubber molded receptacles and illuminated plugs and switches making it compact and safe.

More Features Ahead

The Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator comes with more features that keeps your appliances safe and the generator as well.

The low oil sensor prevents the generator from damaging due to insufficient oil supply. A low oil supply results to overheating that will severely damage the engine.

The overload alarm will cause the engine to automatically shut-off when an overload arises. While the output ready indicator tells you that an ideal voltage output is present on the generator outlets.

Watch the video to see the Westinghouse WH2400i 2400-Watt Inverter Generator in action.

Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator Review

The Westinghouse WH2400i 2400 Watt Inverter Generator Review receives an outstanding appraisal of 4.5/5 stars at Amazon that proves its great performance. The following reviews are written by customers who actually bought and use it in real world applications.


“Fired up on the second pull, shut down the generator after a few minutes and started it again on the first pull. Starts so easy! Glad I bought this gas generator, because starting couldn’t be easier.”

“Everything functions as it should, it starts with 2 to 3 pulls after numerous starts.”

Power Outputs

“Tested the output using devices with total wattage requirements equal to the essentials I want to power.”

Double Power

Bought 2 with parallel cord. They bought fired right up. quite and ran everything i wanted. I have had honda ‘s in the past and thinks these are as nice if not nicer.

Noise Level

“This beauty hummed quietly and effortlessly along. I did a lot of research and finally bought this based on reviews. Wanted to add my own rave review.”

“I noticed that it was much more quiet than it sounds on review videos. After I went indoors, I could barely hear it. I plugged in one of my UPS units with electronics and a total draw of those on the UPS of about 400W, at which load I could not hear the generator change the noise level – it ran exactly as it did when it ran idle.”

Extra Features

“This 2400 watt model can handle that, plus the USB charging without having to find an adapter is worth the extra $40 in price.”

Bottom Line

“The price point was also great and was the only unit that’d supply “clean” power above 2,000W. Plus, exceptional emissions and noise levels.” >>Click Here to read more reviews.


The customer’s impression about the Westinghouse WH2400i Inverter Generator Review is outstanding. It performs amazingly as expected. The noise level is lower than they expected. The output voltage is enough to supply their needs while starting it is super easy.

Feature wise, it brings more on the table especially the two USB ports in which most customers find it very useful. The price it offers is half compare to other big names while it performs beyond your expectations. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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