Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator Review

Looking for reliable medium power generator?

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator Review deserves a hard look before you buy one.


Secure your family from any possible disaster that may arise with the Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator. This generator is highly reliable for your peace of mind.

Best For

It provides sufficient power to run your most important appliances during power shortage. The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is also perfect for any recreational activities and job-site that runs your power tools to finish your projects faster.

For many years Westinghouse brand has brought numbers of quality home appliances that earn the peoples trust due to its extremely dependable products. The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator Review helps you decide if it is the right generator for your needs.

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Powerful Engine

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is powered by 208cc OHV Westinghouse engine which is specifically design for producing reliable power, durability and flawless operations. It delivers 3,750 starting watt and 3,250 running watt.

What it powers?

With that kind of power it can run your fridge to keep your hundred of dollar worth of foods fresh, cooker to cook your foods, washing machine to wash your clothes, lights and watch your favorite movies on HDTV. As you can see, you can still enjoy your life during power outage while others gone in the dark.

Durable Design

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is built with solid steel tubular iron frame that significantly adds to its durability so that it will last for many years. The air cooled engine design maintains its coolness for longs hours of usage.

Highly Portable

If you think that the Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is heavy. No need to worry because it is design for excellent portability. You can easily move around with it and bring it anywhere when power is needed. It features a never flat tire so that you can roll it anywhere even at rough roads. For simple maneuverability the Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator features a dual folding handles.

Silent Operations

If you don’t want anyone to be disturb, the Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is design for silent operations.


To keep the generator’s noise level to minimum, it features an oversize muffler and catalyst device.

Fuel Efficient

Finding the best portable generator should have the characteristics of having excellent fuel efficiency. If it uses small amount of fuel for longer period of time the generator is consider as fuel efficient. Luckily, the Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is design to meet this kind quality.

How long it lasts?

A single full tank of 4-gallons will last for more than 14-hours of continuous engine running provided with half load capacity. This makes it possible with its low loss, highly efficient alternator lamination that boosts its power output while decreasing the fuel consumption.

More Safety Features Ahead

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator provides more safety feature that makes your appliances secure and the generator as well.

Voltage Regulator

Starting off with the Automatic Voltage Regulator, that provides accurate voltage output for your sensitive appliances.

Circuit Breaker

It also includes a circuit breaker that will automatically shut off the unit when an overload occurs. By simply pressing the two 120v Push Button switch it will automatically cause to restore its operation. In addition to that is the main line Toggle switch breaker that doubles its protection.

Painless Start

I guess no one wants to pull a hundred times before you can start using the generator, right?

For painless start, all Westinghouse generators come with EZ start color coded starting control. The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator starts running on a single or two pulls. For effortless pull it features an easy grip handle and a compression release. With the help of transistor ignition system it provides fast start and lifelong worry free ignition source.

Excellent Panel Design

I guess no one wants to operate a complicated panel in times of emergency, right?

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator features an excellent panel design for direct and extremely simple to use.

Looking at the left side of the panel you can notice the engine switch. It follows with four regular household appliances outlets. Beside that is the two 120v AC push button circuit breaker reset switch and the toggle main breaker located on the right most part. It also includes the ground terminal below that for safety purposes.

CARB And EPA Compliant

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator passed the strict CARB regulation that makes it safe to use and Californian residents can enjoy the benefits of this generator. It is also an EPA compliant that makes it harmless to use in any National park. The reason behind that is, it doesn’t emits any harmful fumes and never distract anyone due to its quiet operations.

What’s In The Box?

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is super easy to assemble and everything you’ll ever need to get started right away is included in the box. It contains the never flat tire kit and a pair of high leverage handles.

There’s a tool kit included which is very handy for maintenance and servicing. You also got a 6-liter bottle of oil and oil funnel. The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator is generously giving a 3-year warranty while others are limited to only 1-year.

Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator Review

The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator Review receives an outstanding appraisal at Amazon.com with 4.5/5 stars that proves its great performance. The following reviews are written by customers who already bought and use it in real world application.

Very nice unit

“Very nice unit. A little heavy to pick up, but the wheels make it easy to move around. It started on the second pull. The manuals are very good.”


“I really like the Westinghouse portable generator. It is smaller than other brands that have the same power output”

Noise Level

“it is also not as loud as others.”

“Works. I chose it because Consumer Reports judged its sound level “Normal” and quieter ones cost two or three times as much; seems as if “Normal” is “Loud but more tolerable than ‘Noisy’”.


“I mentioned in a Packaging review that the boxes were barely sufficient in strength to contain the product during its voyage.”

“The cover is recessed and the box had no damage in that area. I straightened out the cover and the generator worked fine.”


“First I very much like the generator. It is well made and started on first pull.”

“It seems well built, all metal gas tank and all metal frame.”


“Much smaller than I thought and quiet too while running. I tested it with multiple loads and it performed flawlessly.”


“Started on the first pull. I bought his machine to power tools and as back up for a remote cabin with a small solar electric system. No problem powering my 1.5KW compressor.”


The Westinghouse WH3250C Portable Generator delivers an excellent performance as it is proven by consumers who actually bought and use it. The generator’s physical built is rock solid that will last for longer period of time as the company stand firm on their 3-year warranty.

Features like Simple panel design, quiet operations, painless start, fuel efficient, CARB compliant and the inclusion of tools are truly helpful whilst greatly adds to its value. With so much goodness in it the price it offers is very much affordable that makes it too hard to pass on. >>Click Here to get the Lowest Price!

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