Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator Review

Anyone who wants to prepare from any disaster that may strike the town, the Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator is highly reliable in any given situation. This model is specially design for storm purposes so that you’ll feel safe and live normally during calamity.

Powerful Engine

The Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator is made of 357cc OHV engine which is exclusively design for delivering high power, durability and silent operations. It is capable of producing 7,500 watts of peak power or 6,000 watts of continuous power.

That being said, it can accommodate almost all your appliances such as your fridge to prevent your foods from rotten, washing machine to wash your clothes, cooker, microwave oven, coffee maker to cook your foods and watch your favorite movies on HDTV. As you can see, you can still live happily even during power outage.

Durable and Highly Portable  

The Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator is built with cast iron sleeve for durability that will serve you for years. An easy to assemble wheel kit is included on the package so that you can take it anywhere you may want to. Roll it anywhere even at rough surface with its never flat tire wheel. In addition to that is the flip-up handle for simple mobility.

Silent and Easy Operations Ahead

The Westinghouse WH6000S is design for silent operations; this makes it possible with its oversize muffler and catalyst device. This is ideal if you don’t want to disturb anyone of your neighbor or fellow camper at campsite.

This generator is quick to assemble you can put them all together and running in less than half hour right off the box. The unit is a breeze to operate, it features a simplified power control center and an EZ start color coded starting control for smooth and simple operations.

More Outputs And Safety Features

It provides four 120v 5-20R outlets to accommodate all your regular appliances and a single L14-30R 120v/240v Twist lock outlet for your power tools. This generator is built with more safety features to keep your delicate appliances safe and the generator as well. This includes a circuit breaker that will automatically shut off when an overload occurs and a low oil sensor that prevents it from overheating.

Everything Is Provided

This amazing generator provides everything you’ll ever need to get the best out of it. Westinghouse is the first in industry that provides a 25-feet heavy-duty power cord with four outlets for your convenience which is very useful especially during storm.

There’s a tool kit that is extremely handy when trouble shooting the unit, one liter bottle of oil and a funnel for you to start using it in no time. This also includes the never flat tire wheel kit and a pair high-leverage handles. A friendly customer service is willing to help you anytime and it is back up with 3-year warranty for your additional peace of mind whenever you purchase it.

Customer’s Review

I wanted to share one particularly customer review that may help you in searching for generator:

Well built generator By mike December 12, 2012

“Received the unit on time and in good condition. Put it together and had it running in a half hour. It really seems to be solidly built, and it has all of the features important to me.( low oil shutoff, fuel line shut off, ect.) The thing that probably surprised me the most was how quiet it is (compared to my neighbors generators). Very pleased with this product so far, have yet to see how it performs in a real emergency of course.“  >>Click Here to read more reviews

Excellent Value

Westinghouse is a very dependable brand and well known for many years. This unit is currently available for only $747.31, considering a 7,500W power capacity with more features and provides everything you need without an extra cost; this alone delivers an excellent value.

If you’re thinking to buy a portable generator for your home back-up, camping, sporting events or finishing your projects on Job-site, the Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator is definitely a wise choice. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!

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