Yamaha EF7200DE 7200 Watt Premium Generator Review

If you’re searching for a powerful generator with outstanding reliability, the Yamaha EF7200DE 7200 Watt Premium Generator is ideal for your needs.

When we talk about reliability, there’s no other brand can deliver this kind of quality but Yamaha.

Yamaha products provide incomparable quality and performance for several years.

Yamaha premium generators are durable constructed with its professional grade craftsmanship to deliver optimum reliability in times of disaster to keep your family safe.

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Powerful Engine

The Yamaha EF7200DE Premium Generator is powered by MZ360 OHV Yamaha engine that delivers maximum power output of 7,200 watts and 6,000 watts of effective power.

With this kind of power it can run your important household appliances during power shortage. Such as your fridge that prevents you foods from rotting, A/C unit, cooker and even watch your favorite movies.

As you can see, you can still enjoy your life during blackouts without any difficulties.

Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is probably the main attributes in choosing the best portable generator. The Yamaha EF7200DE is design for this specific type of performance.

A single full tank of 6.9 gallons of fuel can last up to 12-hours provided with half load capacity and 8-hours at full load.

This is how efficient the Yamaha EF7200DE Premium Generator is while others run for only 8-hpours at half load.

Highly Portable Design

The Yamaha EF7200DE Premium Generator features a highly portable design so that you can bring it in everyplace where power is an immediate requirement.

It comes with standard all terrain wheels so that you can roll it anywhere even at rough road without worrying of flat tire.

It is being supported with two foot stand for proper balance when resting. It also includes a fold-down locking handles that makes it easier for you to move around.

This makes it ideal for your RVing, camping and job sites to finish your projects in no time.

Excellent Panel Design

For your convenience of usage, the Yamaha EF7200DE features an excellent panel design. Starting with the Econ Switch on the left, followed by Volt/Hour Meter and the electric start switch.

Next in line is the four 120v 20-Amp standard outlet to power up your regular home appliances.

Yamaha EF7200DE 7200 Watt Premium Generator Review

A 120v 30-Amp twist lock outlet is also present in this generator and finally a single 120v/240v outlet that provides adequate supply to run your power tools.

On the right corner there’s a circuit breaker switch that protects your appliances and the generator as well.

More Features Ahead

The Yamaha EF7200DE Premium Generator provides more features than any of its competitors that brings more value on the table.

Extra Power

More powerful than the previous model EF6600DE that delivers better quality and added performance.

Increase Durability

The new improved MZ360 OHV engine that features a hemispherical head increases its engine durability, reliability and better fuel efficiency.

Electric Start

If you hate the traditional manual pull start an Electric Start and auto choke features gives you painless starting anytime you’ll need it.

Portable Design

Standard wheels and Fold-Down locking handles makes it highly portable so that you can easily move around and take it anywhere.

Multi Meter

The Digital volt meter and hour meter displays the ideal voltage output and the total run time of the generator for maintenance purposes so that it stay on top shape

Roll Cage

Its added ruggedness design with full roll cage protection is ideal for your heavy job requirements.

Cooler Engine

Cast iron cylinder lining that cools down the engine for optimal heat dissipation

Fast Startup

Transistor Controlled Ignition (T.C.I) make sure of fast and easy starting thus promoting low maintenance and reliable operation.

Effortless Pull

For effortless pull start the Auto Decompression feature automatically opens the exhaust valve that reduces its initial back pressure.

Fuel Gauge

The Fuel Gauge enables you to monitor how much fuel still exists on the tank for you to continue enjoying its power source.

Tool Kit

Tool kits are provided that makes it easier for you to service.

Card And EPA Compliant

The Yamaha EF7200DE passed the strict EPA and CARB environmental standards so that it doesn’t’ cause harmful effect to human. Californian residents can enjoy its full benefits.

3-Year Warranty

A full 3-year industrial and residential warranty gives you total peace of mind whenever you purchase the Yamaha EF7200DE Premium Generator while other competing brands are limited to 1-year warranty for residential purposes only


The Yamaha EF7200DE Premium 7200 Watt Generator delivers enough power sources to accommodate your home appliances during power shortage.

Having an extremely dependable generator is definitely a life saver in times of calamity. That’s why every Yamaha generator is design for ultimate reliability.

The Yamaha EF7200DE Premium Generator offers the best in its class features while others left behind.

Though, it comes with a higher price compare to its rival the performance you can get out of it is exceptional.

You can still use it and stays in top shape for many years of tough usage due to its industrial standard design.

Its 3-year warranty brings an incomparable value on the table that you can never find elsewhere.

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